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  Spare Parts

    Spare Parts

Guaranteeing the durability of our products, we supply spare parts for the genset and electrical parts responding to all requests and needs.

    Spare Part Service

The spare part service technicians are experienced trained and able to guide you towards the most suitable parts to maintain your equipment!!

Your requirements are determined reliably and rapidly.

    About Deep Sea Electronics

Deep Sea Electronics is the world's leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of electronic control, monitoring and protection modules for diesel and gas generating sets.


The diverse DSE range of products includes specialised single and multi-set generator controller solutions that have been created specifically for the generator industry.

    Varied Range

DSE has established a unique position in the industry by developping a range of generator control modules that match all the required levels of gen-set control. This enables DSE customers to select a generator controller with the correct feature set for each individual application. The DSE generator control solutions range from simple Manual and Auto Start Modules for electronic and non-electronic engines, through to multi-set load share systems for complex load share applications.

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